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Lake Fork is a little over 4 feet low but in great condition. This is the time of year we all look forward to, so far this season Lake Fork has produced 3 Bass over 13. lbs and it is just mid January, I think we will see a lot of these Big bass in the next 3 months. Big Bass are starting to make there move to the shallows and each Angler that is looking to catch that Bass of a life time now is the time to be on the water as much as you can. The water temperatures are ranging between 46-51 degrees in most areas of the lake and the water clarity is clear to stained depending on location. From now through late February the patterns will remain relatively the same. Shallow grass beds located from main lake points, secondary points that lead into the backs of the creeks are key areas to target these big perspawn Bass. Fishing the grass with 1/2&3/4 oz. lipless Crank Baits also a Mans One Minus in red & orange, and with some chartreuse in it are great. Cover a lot of water with these baits to locate the Bass; ripping the bait off the grass will produce some Big reaction strikes from these big pre-spawn Bass feeding up in preparation for the coming spawn.

When these cold fronts move in and the water temps drops and on calm sunny days, a suspending Jerk Bait fished over the grass very slowly can be deadly for those Bass that will not move far to hit a bait, fish it slow with long pauses between jerks and hold on! My most productive color is black, gold & orange. Another great pattern this time of year is slow rolling a 3/4 or 1oz Spinner Bait with a # 5 or 6 Willow Leaf Blade, you can almost fish these big Spinner Baits like a Jig pulling the bait just enough to turn the blade, this pattern works good on these windy days. Most of the bass we have caught the last two days have been on the Spinner Bait and suspending Jerk Bait and the One Minus. All the bass we have caught have been fat and healthy. Yesterday we put 11 bass in the boat with one over seven pounds, It is definitely Big Bass time hear on Lake Fork.

Good places to try right now are the mouth of Big and Little Mustang starting at the old road bed and working the right side of each creek to the 17 bridge, other good creeks that turn on early are Penson, White Oak, Creeks with the best grass are Birch creek, Glade Creek, Running Creek,  these creeks always produce big pre-spawn Bass. This weather has been a roller coaster up and down, but that is Texas weather. One day it is 65 the next it will be down in the 40s.January and early February is not a numbers time, so you shouldn’t expect to catch a bunch of fish but the quality of Bass that you do catch is great!! I have been Guiding on Lake Fork a long time and I have had some of my best Big Bass days on some of the worst weather days, so don’t let the cold weather keep you off the water this time of year. If you would like Book a guide trip and get in on some of this pre-spawn action now is the time to book, my Spring days are booking up fast. On my trips all Tackle is included. You can reach me at 903-629-7699 or Cell 903-629-5085 or check out my web site at

t's hard to believe that another year is almost over. The 2013 fishing here on Lake Fork has been great and I expect 2014 to be even better. Lake Fork is in great shape right now despite the low water conditions, the lake is fairly clear in most areas except the backs of some of the creeks. The water temperatures have been in the mid 40-50 degree range which is normal for this time of year. The grass has made a big comeback this year and we will see a lot of new grass in different areas this spring to fish. Some of the best grass on the lake right now to fish is in Glade Creek, Running Creek, Birch Creek, These creeks always produce Big Bass this time of year.

The best pattern for me in January and February is in the shallow to mid-depth range. I like to target main lake and secondary points at the mouth of any of the major creeks. A lot of fish hold out in these areas until the water temperatures rise in the spring. I start off  in the 4-8 ft range and fish reaction baits like a red/orange lipless crank baits, ripping these baits off the grass and banging it off  trees, will produce a hit! another great reaction bait is a Suspending Rouge this bait can save the day especially when it's cold and when you have a high blue sky and under calm wind conditions, this bait will produce some giant bass in January and February, best rouge color for me is Black Back chrome side orange belly, another bait that will catch a lot of big bass is a ½ oz chatter bait  in white or chart/white. Covering water and making lots of casts at cover will pay off, If you catch a few fish on a stretch of bank go back and make multiple passes through that area, bass will not move very far to hit a bait this time of year you have to get it right in front of them.

For the deep bite bass are schooled up in deep water right now and it’s a great time for spoon fishermen, a good place to start is under the 154 and the 515 West bridges these two bridges give up a lot of big bass this time of year, there has been quite a few bass over 13 pounds caught under these bridges, in November there was a 13.29 caught under the 154 bridge! I think some of the biggest bass in Lake Fork live under these bridges. Good baits for fishing under the bridges right now are Alabama Rig, Swim Bait, Jiging Spoon,  But now through March, I will spend most of my time on early per-spawn and staging fish on points and along edges of flats and creek channels. If your looking to catch a bass of a life time now is the time to start spending as much time on the water as you can, your not going to catch numbers right now but the size you will catch will make up for that. I am now booking spring trips February, March, April book up fast so if your planing a spring trip book now for best available dates. You can reach me at 903-629-5085 or 903-629-7699 check out my web site

Good Fishing, David Vance

November is already upon us which brings in some great fall fishing with it. Lake Fork is about 5 feet low but in great shape right now and the fishing will only get better as the month rolls along. With all the hunting seasons getting started, you will find a lot less fishing pressure and almost have the lake to your self. Water conditions on Lake Fork are good now that the turnover is done. The water clarity is fairly clear mid lake to the south end. I have been catching fish on a number of different patterns and baits the past week. The shallow fishing has been good, in depths ranging from 2-12 foot. Top water baits are good early and late on yellow magics in shad patterns, buzz baits and frogs fished over the shallow vegetation. I like these cloudy cool days in the fall because this pattern is great all day! Wacky worms, and flukes have also been real productive in the grass as well.

The deep fishing is starting to turn on and that is were I will doing most of my fishing now through the end of December. Look for the deep fish to start getting in some big schools on the bottom in 15-25 foot of water to feed up for winter. Deep humps, road beds, points, ridges and old pond dams will all hold schools of Big Bass feeding on shad and bar fish this time of year. If you are on one of these spots at the right time, you can load the boat with some Quality Bass! A Carolina-rigged Centipede, Brush Hog, or Fluke rigged on 17lb line 1oz weight 3-4 foot leader and a 2/0 or 3/0 hook is what I am using on the deeper Bass. I am also starting to catch some some on a Jigging Spoon, when these bass here on Lake Fork get grouped up on the old roadbeds, points, and humps, a Jigging Spoon is hard to beat in November and December.

Good places to try now are the mouth of  Wolfe Creek,  Little Carney, Chaney Branch, the 515 east and west roadbeds also the 154 and 2946 roadbed are always good this time of year. If your looking for some great fall bass fishing Lake Fork is the place to be, this is the start of our big bass season and hear on Lake Fork your next cast could be a bass of a lifetime! If you would like to book a guide trip and get in on some Lake Fork fall bass fishing you can reach at 903-629-5085 or check out my web site

Good Fishing,
David Vance

September is here and its the start of our Fall Bass fishing, Lake Fork is about 6 foot low that’s not a big deal to the bass, but to the boaters that do not know the lake it is, you just need to be Extremely! careful when running the lake right now. If your coming to fish the Diamond Sports Marine tournament or the Big Bass Splash this month the fishing should be good! As far as getting around on the lake, all I can say is be careful and don’t get in a hurry to run from one spot to another, its always better to be safe than sorry. Other than the low water the lake is in great shape and the fishing has been good and will get better as the month rolls along.

Yesterday Bobby York and his daughter Katie from Dallas fished with me and we put 25 bass in the boat and more than half came on a swim bait and the rest on a Lip less Crank Bait. Bobby caught the The big bass of the day, and it was a giant!! and his personal best, this bass was 25 ½ inches long and weighed 11 lbs and 2oz  Great job Bobby on a bass of a life time!! The bass we are catching have been suspended in deep water and they have been running shad to the top. The Swim bait that has been working best for me is a 1/4oz Storm Wild eye swim shad, they have the jig head in them and ready to fish right out of the pack and they do not cost much only $2.96 for a three pack and they work great. The top water bite has also been good when the bass are running the shad to the top, best bait has been shad colored Yellow Magic.

Good places to try right now for the above patterns are, the mouth of Dale creek, Chaney branch, and Main Lake points, also the bridges in big and little Mustang, the bass are schooling under most of the bridges right now and if you are there at the right time when they come up the action can be nonstop and you can load the boat!! I always look forward to this time of year it is the start of the fall Season, the weather is going to start cooling down and the fishing is going to be Hot! So don’t miss out on one of the most productive times of year to be on Lake Fork. Book your trip now and get in on some of this great schooling action.

Good Fishing,
David Vance

With the weather getting warmer, you can expect the bass fishing at Lake Fork to be hot as well! The fishing this week has been good even with all this wind, the bass are into their heavy post spawn feeding. Size has been good but the numbers of fish we are catching has varied, Some days you will only catch 15-20 and the next day catch 30-35 Water temperatures have ranged in the mid seventies to eighty in the areas that I have been fishing. The top water bite has been excellent on yellow magic’s, and Zara Spooks. The top water bite this year has been some of the best I have seen in a long time. Long time customers  Steve Smith and his wife Beverley from Gulf Shores Alabama fished with me and the top water bite was as good as it gets! We stopped on a main lake point and the bass were schooling on shad we put 22 bass in the boat in that one spot, and Steve caught his personal best a 11 lb 9oz giant on a Yellow Magic this is a bass of a lifetime to catch on a top water bait great job Steve!! After the top water bite slowed  down we headed for deep water and  finished the day with a Carolina Rig and ended up with 35 for the day.

The deeper fish that I have been catching are anywhere from 15-25 foot, I look forward to this time of year because of the great deep structure fishing that Lake Fork is known for and it is at this time that you will find the majority of the real big bass out deep on points, roadbeds, ridges and humps. For the deep bite  Carolina rigs have been the most productive presentation, on the Carolina Rig I am using a ¾ oz weight and a leader that ranges from 3-4 feet in length, best baits have been a Red Bug Trick Worm, watermelon red Brush Hog, and a watermelon seed fluke. When you find that the bass are somewhat suspended you can also catch them with DD 22's, swim baits, and spoons. Good places to try right now are the mouth of Wolf creek, Chaney Branch, the 515 East and West road beds, also the old 154 road bed, the bridge ends in big Mustang, and the 515 & 154 bridge are good right now! If you would like to book a trip and get in on some great deep water bass fishing, you can reach me at my Cell 903-629-5085 or 903-629-7699


Good Fishing,
David Vance

This week has been good for big fish and numbers with the last few days of warm weather, the bass are on the move to the shallows to spawn all over the lake, and there is a lot of fish that are on the beds. You can expect to see a lot of big bass caught in the next few weeks. Most of the bass we are catching right now are in 2 to 4 feet of water over the spawning flats, today Danny Watson from California fished with me and we put 33 bass in the boat, and one that weighed 8 lbs 3oz and one that weighed 7lbs 7oz All these fish came on a Green Pumpkin Brush Hog, the way we are fishing the Brush hog is on a short Carolina  rig with a 3/8oz weight. This week we have also caught fish on watermelon seed Trick worms fished wacky style.  We are lining up for some great spawning action all the way through April, Lake Fork is about 4 feet low but in great shape, there was another bass over 14 pounds caught this week, Lake Fork has been on fire for big fish so far this spring.  

Looks like we have a cold front coming in this week but it will be short lived and the weather we will be back in the seventies by the end of the week, and more bass are going to move in. One mistake that I see a lot of fisherman make this time of year is fishing way too fast, once these bass start spawning there strike zone is small, and with a slow presentation you will have a much more successful day. Good places to try right now are Alligator Cove, School House Cove, From the mouth of Little Caney all the way to the back, and the north banks of big and little Mustang. If you are looking for some great Spring fishing, Lake Fork is the place to be. If you would like to book a Guide Trip, you can reach me at # 903-629-7699 or my cell# C903-629-5085.

Good Fishing,
David Vance 

The bass are moving in to spawn here at Lake Fork. For those of you that are looking for the opportunity to catch a bass of a lifetime, this is the time of year you can do it. There are a lot of Big bass up shallow right now just looking to be caught, here are a few tips for catching these big spawning  bass, key areas to fish  right now are in the back of the creeks and secondary  points that are adjacent to spawning flats, creek channels leading to these flats will produce good results also. Fish can be found in a number of  creeks and pockets on the lake right now and can be found moving on the beds just about everywhere on the lake. This cold front is going to be short lived, and water temps will rebound  quickly, the weather is going to be back in the mid sixty’s this coming week and more bass will be moving in to spawn.

Yesterday James sr and his sons James jr and Glynn Seanner  from Brazoria TX  fished with me and we put 21 in the boat, James sr caught the two biggest of the day a 10 lb 6 oz, and one that went 7 lb 10 oz most of these bass came on the Brush Hog in 5 to 8 feet on spawning flats, this was the two biggest bass James had ever caught great job James!! Good areas to try right now are Big and Little Mustang, in these creeks starting from the 17 bridge working your way to the mouth is a good place to start, also North West bay in Little Caney and working your way to Quail Hollow a lot of bass are moving in on beds in these creeks. The next three months is some of the best fishing of the year so make your plans to get to Lake Fork and get in on the great spring fishing Lake Fork has to offer. Hope these tips will help on your next trip to the lake, if you would like to book a Guide Trip and get in on some Great Spawning Action My Cell # is 903-629-5085 or 903-629-7699 Check out my Web 

Good Fishing,
David Vance

The bass are moving into the shallows here at Lake Fork getting ready to spawn, and you can expect many more big bass to start showing up as we get into March. Looks like things are shaping up for another great spawn here at Lake Fork. Lake conditions are great right now going into the spring spawning season, water level is about 4 foot low but in great shape, and the grass is coming back in places. Water temperatures have been ranging from 52-54 depending on what areas you are in with the warmest water being at the very backs of the creeks during the peak of the day. The water clarity has also varied from stained to fairly clear, in some areas, but the fish have not seemed to mind either way.

Baits and presentations have not change much since my last report,  for me they have been a combination of several things right now, with the warming trends and cold fronts playing a big role in what is most productive from day to day and even from early morning to afternoon. On the cold front days and cooler mornings, I have been starting out with lipless crank baits and shallow running crank baits, Red or red/orange, and shad colors have been best, around secondary points, ditches, and near spawning flats in 3 to 8 feet of water. The spinner bait bite has also been good early and late on wind blown main lake and secondary points and pockets.

Good places to try are Birch Creek, Pinson, Wolf Creek, White Oak Branch, Long Branch, and the back of Little Caney, these creeks always produce big pre spawn bass this time of year. This is the time of year we all look forward to, the spawn is just right around the corner so don't miss out on the best Big Bass action! of the year. If you would like to book a guide trip, my spring days are going fast book now!! For best available dates. Call 903-629-5085 or my Cell 903-629-5085 Check out my Web site

Good Fishing,
David Vance's
Lake Fork Guide Service