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Lowrance used by Lake Fork Pro Fishing Guide David Vance


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With all the rain we have been getting Lake Fork is full and in great shape going into the 2016 spawn. Pre spawn Bass will be the primary focus from now through February and even into early March. This is the time lake Fork will produce some of the bigger Bass of the year. Big females will be staging in key areas to feed up for their annual migration to the shallows to spawn. Finding main lake and secondary points or pockets that are closest to spawning flats that have any grass is ideal. Square Bill and  Lipless Crank baits also Suspending Jerk Baits are my baits of choice during this time. Best colors are a variety of reds and oranges, chrome and blues, and crawfish colors. Different sizes and colors will produce better than others depending on weather conditions or depth of the grass and water clarity. I throw 1/2 oz. sizes in the shallower grass and opt for a bigger 3/4 oz. for the deeper grass, vary the retrieve of the bait and keep in contact with the top of the grass, letting the bait dip down in it then ripping it free is what will trigger a bite.

Water temperature is important during this time of year, finding areas that have warmer water than others will give you the best opportunity at catching fish, even if it is just a degree or two I rely on my temp gauge to give me a very accurate surface temperature. Right now the water temps are in the fifty's and is warm for this time of year, but it looks like we are going start getting some cold weather and water temps will dip into the forty's that's when I will throw a suspending jerk bait,  jerking the bait down and then just letting it sit for several seconds, then twitching it again this bait can be deadly for a big bite in cold water.

Concentrating on creek channels leading to the spawning flats is a very productive pattern for these big pre-spawn bass. Good places that are great for producing some big bass and always do this time of year, Spring Branch, Board Tree Branch, Post Oak Branch, White Oak, Wolfe Creek, North West Bay, Long Branch. This is not the time of year to catch numbers but if you are looking to catch a Trophy Bass, Lake Fork is the best place to start putting your time in. The lake is full and in great shape going into this years spawn, I think the fishing is going to be some of the best we have seen in years! With all this new flooded cover it's almost like a new lake. If you would like to book a trip and get in on the pre-spawn and spawning action, now is the time to book your trip my spring days go fast so book early for best available dates Contact me at  903-629-5085 cell. Check out my Web Site At

Happy New Year and Good Fishing, David Vance