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Lowrance used by Lake Fork Pro Fishing Guide David Vance


Minnkota used by Lake Fork Pro Fishing Guide David Vance



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The bass are starting to spawn here at Lake Fork. For those of you that are looking for the opportunity to catch a real trophy bass, this is the time of year you can do it. There are a lot of big bass up in the shallows right now just looking to be caught. Here are few tips for catching these spawning bass....Key areas to fish right now are in the back of the creeks and points that are adjacent to spawning flats, creek channels leading to these flats will produce good results also. Fish can be found in a number of creeks and pockets on the lake right now and can be found moving on the beds just about everywhere on the lake with this warm weather.

Water conditions...Lake Fork is full and in great shape, the water clarity slightly stained in the lower end. The water temperature hit 62 degrees in the areas that I was fishing today. We have been catching the majority of our fish on weightless Trick Worms and Senko type baits. A trick worm fished slowly over the flats were these bass are making beds is hard to beat. Best colors have been watermelon, and green pumpkin, also Texas rig or short Carolina rig with a Brush Hog or a Lizard.

Good areas right now have been Long Branch, Glade Creek, Rogers Creek, Little Caney, Wolf Creek and big Mustang these creeks always produce Big Bass this time of year. In the last few days we have had several Bass in the 5 to 7 pound range and one over 9 lbs in these creeks. With the cold winter we had, things are running about two weeks behind schedule. So now through May will be our prime spring fishing. If you would like to book a guide trip and get in on some great spring Bass fishing here on Lake Fork. Call 903-629-5085 or check out my web site

Good Fishing,

David Vance